Ale Style

Alestyle is the dream and the revenge of Alessia, young girl, stubborn and whimsical with a pas

Baci di Dama Guerci

Il Bacio di Dama is a delicacy born in northern Italy in the late 1800s. Mark Guerci, founder o

Caffè Concordia

Caffè Concordia, at number 6 in Piazza Trieste, is one of the historical towns of Pavia Strade

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Pasticceria San Felice

Pasticceria San Felice
  • San Felice pastries
  • San Felice panettone
  • San Felice Voghera
Pasticceria San Felice does this summer 40 years of craft production under the management of the family Gervasini. Camillo and his wife Simonetta, along with a staff of professional confectioners, transform the love for pastry recipes for success unique taste and pleasure. Punta Diamante San Felice are, of course, products leavened with natural method like the traditional panettone and doves stuffed with classic or fantasy. Large is the assortment of sweet and savory pastries as well as ice cream and frozen desserts during the hot summer season.
  • Handicraft products
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